DF Monitoring Antennas for 20-6000 MHz

The OMNI-A0098, OMNI-A0299, and OMNI-A0190 are wideband monitoring antennas covering 20-6000 MHz.

They are all supplied in either active with passive bypass or passive versions except for OMNI-A0190 which does not have passive bypass. The antennas have higher gain and sensitivity according to their size where OMNI-A0098 is the largest and OMNI-A0190 the smallest. 

For OMNI-A0098 and OMNI-A0299 the active part of the antenna protects the system from excessive field strengths and boosts low level signals. For OMNI-A0190 the active version of the antenna includes amplification to help improve sensitivity. The lower cost passive version has no amplification and is more appropriate for use where high incident power levels are expected.

The active versions of these antenna rely on DC power injection on the output port of the antenna. The antenna is best utilised with the MISC-A0022-01 power supply for this purpose.

OMNI-A0098 | 20-6000 MHz

OMNI-A0299 | 20-6000 MHz 

OMNI-A0190 | 20–6000 MHz

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