Alaris Antennas is now fully RoHS Compliant

Alaris Antennas can now manufacture fully RoHS compliant products as of the end of December 2018.

All leaded solder has been replaced by lead-free solder and during December 2018 an internal audit was done to ensure all had been removed.

Lead solder will be exclusively used when we work on products which were previously manufactured with lead or in accordance with customer specific requirements. This work will be done in a secure area.

The chromium-6 Alodine treatment has been replaced by a RoHS compliant conversion coating process some months ago. All ex-stock parts will be stripped and coated in accordance with the updated processes, on a per use basis.

Paints which had non-compliant chemicals were replaced with RoHS compliant equivalents. The basecoats were tested for adherence, and we selected a compliant basecoat which provided the best adhesion and performance.

Alaris Antennas can now provide (upon request) with every product delivery, an accurate REACH statement.

RoHS and REACH requirements are communicated to the suppliers as well Conformance certificates obtained where possible.

The above encapsulates the major changes implemented for RoHS and REACH compliance.

Kindly note that the adherence to the above statement is monitored by the QA department and will also form part of the annual quality audit cycle.

For further information, please enquire here.

Alaris Antennas is part of the Alaris Holdings Group of Companies.

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