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Alaris Antennas is a specialist Direction Finding antenna designer and manufacturer, employing Electronic, Industrial and Mechanical Engineers. One of the company’s key strengths lies in its ability to develop and hold its own intellectual property as it continues to invest significantly in research and development, adding to its competitive advantage.

Alaris Antennas runs a programme to involve individuals who are interested in becoming part of an industry which provides ample opportunities, cutting-edge technology and international exposure. In addition, we are grounded in an entrepreneurial culture, which is balanced by a strong risk management discipline, client-centric approach and the ability to be innovative.

As the Alaris Holdings Group of companies encompasses subsidiaries located in South Africa, the USA and Finland, we are proud to welcome people to our teams across the globe. If you have the required expertise, have a keen interest in innovation and share our commitment to deliver an exceptional client experience, Alaris Antennas might just be the company for you. You will be challenged to think out of the box and develop new skills.

Alaris offers vacation work opportunities during which students will be exposed to various activities in the company gaining valuable experience and knowledge. Not only will you gain experience which could be added to your curriculum vitae but you will receive exposure to world-class engineers, niche products and a wealth of engineering innovation.

In addition, employees have opportunities to further their education via bursaries, external training and inhouse training.

Here are some success stories from current employees who found their way to Alaris via the student vac-work programme

Werner von Ruben – The student work I did at Alaris Antennas was very rewarding. I learnt a lot about the working and application of antennas. Working as a student at Alaris Antennas the engineers did not waiver to mentor me in understanding complex problems I could not quiet grasp with my studies or in projects. The employees are very friendly and would not hesitate to help when asked. Most importantly, I learned the real world application of Electronic Engineering which you cannot learn at any tertiary study institution.

Michael du Plessis – I was employed at Alaris Antennas, back then it was still Poynting Defence and Specialised, as a student during the December holidays of 2013 as part of a requirement for a module at the University of Pretoria. I was exposed to a lot of different learning opportunities in different fields including software, hardware, manufacturing and testing during the time I spent at Alaris. I had the opportunity to develop a testing jig, from scratch, in order to test various sub-assemblies of an antenna. This included everything, from software that could test each sub-assembly to the layout of the required PCBs and manufacturing of the enclosure. I also had the opportunity to investigate the performance of a digital compass in an attempt to improve the performance of the compass in their specific application. In order to achieve this I had to create a measurement plan, write software that was able to automatically capture the raw data from the  compass while rotating and process the data. The staff that I worked with was always willing to assist me with any question that I had and went out of their way to teach me. Alaris offered me a bursary during my time working there to pay for the remainder of my studies which also guaranteed me employment after I completed my studies. During my final year of studies Alaris allowed me to make use of their facilities and equipment where needed to complete my final year project. I have now been employed by Alaris for almost 5 years in their R&D department and still enjoy the challenge that antennas, or as most antenna people call it “black magic”, present each day.”

Jaryd Baker – Working at Alaris Antennas over university holidays gave me an opportunity to gain experience in my field that cannot be learnt from books. The engineering team at Alaris is always eager to teach students and assist them with university work. This assistance has been invaluable to me as an aspiring engineer. Thank you Alaris for giving me the opportunity to develop myself as an engineer

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