Alaris does it’s part for the animals

During December, the staff at Alaris decided to round of the year with a community project by supporting the SPCA in Centurion.

Whilst everybody was looking forward to a well-deserved break in December, we were reminded by the reality that it is not always the best time of the year for our 4-legged friends.  Some animals are very fortunate to travel with their families, but just like humans, there are a lot of animals who live in terrible conditions during this time ….  In addition, some caretakers need to remain with the animals to take care of them, often with a concern of having enough food for the animals.

Alaris employees therefore decided to take action with a community project and to relieve some of the stress for the team who is doing an awesome job looking after the animals in their care. Although they are in need of a lot of items, we focussed on providing them with the basic need … food for the animals.

The staff opened their hearts and a whole lot of bags of food were donated, even some toys were added for exercise and fun.

The SPCA appreciated and welcomed the support from Alaris.


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