Agile, customer-centric strategy helps Alaris Holdings expand its global footprint

Alaris Holdings strategy of being a highly agile and trusted customer-centric advisor to global clients in the field of radio frequency technology – predominantly leading-edge antennas and related equipment – is enabling the company to continue to expand its footprint in Europe, the United States, Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Established in 2008 and now with manufacturing and research and development facilities on three continents, Alaris has a well-recognised track record of providing international system houses with bespoke solutions in the fields of defence and electronic warfare communications through its operating companies, Alaris Antennas and COJOT.

Alaris Antennas designs, manufactures and sells specialised broadband antennas and other related radio frequency products. Its products are used in the communication, frequency spectrum monitoring, test and measurement, electronic warfare and other specialised markets. COJOT was established in Finland in 1986 and designs, develops and manufactures innovative wideband antennas for communications and counter measures applications.

A third operating company, based in the United States, is currently being added to the group to provide passive RF and microwave antenna solutions which complement the existing Alaris IP and extensive product range. “We have sold into the United States for years, but there is now enormous potential to grow sales in that market significantly. We definitely see ourselves as client-centric, which makes it important that we are geographically as close as possible to our customers in key markets like the US,” says Alaris Holdings CEO, Juergen Dresel.

Alaris presented its product line-up at the Electronic Warfare Europe 2018 exhibition and conference held in Lausanne, Switzerland on 5-7 June 2018. “This is an important networking opportunity for us. We are emphasising our unique IP and our highly skilled engineering team’s abilities to develop, design and manufacture specialised and customised sub-systems to rapidly meet individual client requirements,” Dresel notes.

Using the diverse core competencies in R+D, engineering and manufacturing possessed by its operating companies, Alaris provides electronic warfare and communications products for a variety of applications. These include electronic counter-measures to prevent the remote detonation of bombs and enemy communications, monitoring of enemy communications and signal direction finding. The products may be mounted on vehicles, aircraft, drones, ships and submarines, or carried by individual soldiers.

In the civilian environment, the company’s technology is used by test and measurement businesses and frequency regulatory bodies.

Among Alaris’ unique technical differentiators are wideband products which reduce the need for multiple antennas, the development of high-technology antenna arrays, and smart antennas that can be re-programmed to take on a variety of tasks.

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