Alaris Quality and ISO 9001:2015

Being ISO 9001 certified means that the quality of our products and the services we provide have always been of the highest priority at Alaris Antennas.

Alaris has been certified to the ISO 9001 standard for more than 6 years now. During this period the system has matured and ISO 9001 principals have become an inseparable part not only of all our processes and operations but also the ethos of the company as a whole.

Currently we are undergoing a Quality management system transition to the latest edition of the ISO 9001 standard.

The upgraded ISO 9001-2015 standard is constructed around seven quality management principles:

  1. Customer focus
  2. Leadership
  3. Engagement of people
  4. Process approach
  5. Improvement
  6. Evidence-based decision making
  7. Relationship management

This fits in well not only with the day to day operations of the company, but also within top management’s strategic planning and approach to all the business processes.

The new standard also emphasises the importance of risk management. Risk analysis and risk management techniques are part of each new project and product development.

Under the guidance of the new ISO 9001-2015, all the processes have undergone detailed risk analysis and the results form part of each department’s KPIs.

Individual consultations with the Heads of Department will be held in order to update the SOPs and work instructions.

A great deal of attention is dedicated to the cooperation and partnership with our suppliers. Streamlined specs were implemented in order to unify the requirements for our machined parts, electrical, electronic and finishing providers.

Our dedicated IQC department was created in order to insure all the purchased components, products and raw materials are of the highest desirable standard and in accordance with the ISO 9001:15 specs.

The benefits of the new QM system are best observed in our assembly departments. Detailed Assembly Instructions combined with regular training sessions are at the core of the process.

Meticulous testing and final inspections end off the assembly process to assure only 100% conforming and perfectly appearing products are released for distribution.

The distribution department assures the best options are identified in order to deliver our products to our customers in the fastest and safest way possible.

Of course, as a customer-centric company, our policy and main activities are always customer oriented. The sales and technical teams are in constant contact with our customers. Regular visits and meetings are arranged in order to better understand and effectively meet our customer’s requirements and to assure fast and comprehensive service is provided together with our products.

All the above assures that the updated ISO 9001-2015 clauses are met and the standard is well understood and integrated on all levels within the business processes of the company.

The transition to the new ISO 9001-2015 is planned to be completed in May 2018. The results and conformance to the new requirements will be audited by third party auditors from DEKRA Certification GmbH in July 2018.

The re-certification is expected to be fully completed in September 2018 when the updated ISO 9001-2015 certificate is expected to be issued.

Alaris Antennas is part of the Alaris Holdings Group of Companies.

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