COJOT Product Spotlight: Fixed Site Antennas

For temporary and permanent fixed site Systems used in Electronic Counter Measure (like C-UAV/UAS Jamming), communication and monitoring applications our broad range of wideband antennas can be an ideal choice for installation on tripods, (tactical) masts or shelters and containers – including directional, omnidirectional, sector and Switched Beam Antenna solutions.

Our well-known multi use antenna concept (available for several antenna models) even allows for a quick platform change when switching from a fixed site installation to a mobile vehicle platform, or vice versa. Consisting of a removable dipole vehicle antenna radiator (like the COJOT WD2250M-R) and a smart mounting device, called MASTMO, the antenna is easily installed onto different platforms – importantly without the need for any tools. Follow the link to read the White Paper

Dipole Omni Antennas

VHF/UHF antenna radiators with mast mount adapter (Ø 40-60 mm mast/tube)

Fixed Site
  • WD30512M-B
    • Frequency range: 30-512MHz
    • Power rating 75W
  • WD1350M-B
    • Frequency range: 118-512MHz
    • Power rating: 100W
  • HD2245M-B – high gain antenna
    • Frequency range: 225-512MHz
    • Power rating: 75W

Dual Port Ultra-Wideband Antenna


  • Two antennas integrated in the same mechanics.
  • Frequency range:
    • Port 1: 20-512 MHz
    • Port 2: 500-6000MHz
  • Power rating:
    • Port 1: 140W
    • Port 2: 200W down to 80W
  • Mounting: Onto a Ø 40-50mm tubular mast or self-standing 

Directional Antennas

Fixed Site

WR2250B – Wideband corner reflector antenna

  • Frequency range: 225-512 MHz
  • Power rating: 100W
  • Gain: 10dBi
  • Polarization: vertical or horizontal

LPDA-A0160 – Directional log-periodic dipole array

  • Frequency range: 2000-6000 MHz
  • Power rating: 100W @ 6GHz
  • Gain: >9dBi

Switched Beam Antennas

For C-UAS detection and jamming and tactical communication networks

  • 360° coverage with long detection range
  • Different beam modes (wide and omni) configurable to “point” in single or multiple directions concurrently
  • Monitors in omni or sweep mode to automatically switch to a narrow beam for jamming or tracking operation
    • 18deg accuracy for amplitude based detection (with 20 beams)
    •  More accuracy can be achieved with added analysis
  • Low (10W) and high power (100W) antennas for various frequency ranges


Monopole Omni Antennas

WB3090B / B-S – Tactical VHF antennas

Fixed Site
  • Frequency range: 30-110 MHz
  • Power rating: 75W
  • Height (operational): 4000mm (WB3090B) or 3500mm (WB3090B-S)
  • Mounting: Self-standing or mast top mounting onto a Ø 40-50 mm tubular mast.



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