Cojot Product Spotlight: High Power Ultra Wideband ECM Antennas

COJOT is extending its range of ultra wideband antennas with a high power version of the popular WB425M, WB525M and WB225M vehicle models. The new high power versions are specified for a power rating of up to 400W (RMS) – providing high performance capabilities while keeping a low profile.

Wideband High-Power Antenna (400-6000 MHz)

The  WB425XM is a highly compact ultra wideband vehicle antenna of low profile that is very well suited for a variety of applications in the 400 – 6000 MHz frequency range.

  • Excellent performance over the entire frequency range
  • High power rating, 400 W at 100% duty cycle

Ultra Wideband VHF/UHF/SHF Antenna (200 – 6000 MHz)

The WB225XM is a rugged vehicle antenna with 400W power rating that works from 200MHz onwards.

  • High power rating, 400 W at 100% duty cycle
  • Good horizontal gain starting from 200 MHz onwards
  • Easy to install to different kind of environments
  • Ideal operation over a very wide bandwidth

High-Power UHF / SHF Antenna (500 – 6000 MHz)

WB525XM is low-profle, compact and high power ultra wideband antenna that is well suited for jamming and communication applications  with 500 – 6000 MHz frequency range.

  • Ideal operation in the UHF/SHF bands
  • High performance, 400 W at 100% duty cycle

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