Electronic Warfare South Africa 2017

Craig Watkins, Business Development Manager for the African Region, recently attended the Electronic Warfare South Africa (EWSA) Conference on behalf of Alaris.

He had this to say about the event:

“The AOC Aardvark Roost recently hosted the Electronic Warfare South Africa conference and exhibition at the CSIR in Pretoria.”

“Alaris Antennas has, since inception been a proud contributor to the fields of electronic warfare and specialised communications in South Africa. As a proud partner of many of those at the event and others, Alaris also assisted in sponsoring the event and offering a presence and meaningful, personal interaction with all the stakeholders at the event.”

“EWSA 2017 sought to bring together representatives from throughout the world of electronic warfare and even beyond it. Delegates and presenters travelled from all over South Africa, as well as international visitors from further afield. The presentations given in the excellent conference facilities at the CSIR International Conference Centre included a look at future technological and socio-political developments and challenges for the EW community, as well as presentations from those involved in the current industry. Undeniably important in feeding this industry, academics and researchers offered some dynamic and thought-provoking ideas. Sometimes all too easy to gloss over, the relevance of EW in the real world was brought home by some frank presentations and discussions of the current and existing technologies, techniques and applications of electronic warfare. It was also encouraging to see the involvement of South African universities, who offered the support to send their young students to the event to both present their ideas and gain some exposure to the real and evolving world of electronic warfare.”

“That the attendance was so prolific and that the delegates remained in their droves for the entire duration speaks volumes for the successful execution by the Aardvark Roost. By all accounts, the event was well-received and a useful platform for those who operate in and supply into the EW sphere.”

“Alaris would like to extend our thanks to the Aardvark Roost and its president, Mr Ryno van Staden, for continuing to support the electronic warfare sector in South Africa and for successfully arranging such a fine event.”

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