Identify Ideal Locations with our Simulation Studies

Knowing how a set of antennas will perform once installed on a platform is invaluable, but very difficult to analyse and time consuming to test.

We assist clients by providing simulation / platform placement studies on a combination of our wide range of antenna products. The simulation studies can identify ideal locations for the various antennas on a given platform as well as provide data on how the antennas would interact with one another. This allows system architects to design a system with optimal performance.

A typical example is where a high power transmit system is on the same mast or shelter as a monitoring system, or where multiple high power transmit antennas (with their associated transmitters) are co-located on the same mast. Alternatively a number of high power transmit antennas are installed on a vehicle to protect against IEDs’.

Last year we published 2 blogs, one around Spacing Considerations of multiple antennas on a mast and the other, Expecting the Unexpected: High Power Transmit Antennas on Vehicles.  Find out how we can support you with our simulation studies as referred to in these blogs:

Spacing Considerations of Multiple LPDAs on a Mast

Expecting the Unexpected: High Power Transmit Antennas on Vehicles


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