Alaris Antennas has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing Direction Finding and Monitoring antennas that are naval and marine rated.  Proven in the field, these antennas have been formally qualified for the harsh surface ship naval environments, both electrically and mechanically.

Sensors are hardened against high e-fields as seen when deployed near radar systems and high- power communication systems.  Use our contact page to find out more.

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Tactical DF Antennas for Urban Warfare

Urban warfare is increasingly important in modern conflicts due to its unique challenges. Densely populated areas with complex infrastructure require effective communication and coordination among

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High Gain Omni-Directional Antennas

Alaris Antennas provides several different omni-directional antennas designed for high-gain performance in specific frequency ranges. These antennas are suitable for various mounting platforms, such as

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Versatile Monitoring Antennas

Alaris Antennas designs and manufactures monitoring antennas for a range of applications. Monitoring antennas, whether for spectrum monitoring, general receive purposes, ITU applications or signal

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