mWAVE Product Spotlight: Dual Circular Polarised High Power Conical Horn Array Feed for L, S & C Bands

mWAVE Industries, LLC recently completed the design, manufacture and testing of a pair of custom feed assemblies that will be installed in a 20-meter satellite earth station antenna.  mWAVE’s Custom Engineering Group designed this dual circular polarized cassegrain feed assembly to allow signals across 3 bands to be transmitted and received. This high-power conical array feed operates in L and S bands in addition to a dual circular polarized corrugated conical horn that operates in the C band. This design features an inherently high gain with a 29dB return loss and 350 Watt power handling maximum across the L and S bands.

Feeds such as this design do not exist as a commercial off-the-shelf product and must be custom engineered to the customer’s specification. mWAVE’s Custom Engineering Group is recognized worldwide for their decades of experience and innovation. They are known for finding economical solutions that are sometimes based on existing designs, and sometimes stretch the science where a completely new theoretical approach may be necessary to meet a customer’s desired specifications.

Additional mWAVE engineering services include antenna design, range testing, analysis and product performance verification

For additional information and questions, contact mWAVE.

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