mWAVE’s Custom Engineering Group – RF and Mechanical Technical Solutions

mWAVE’s custom engineering staff designs RF and mechanical solutions that overcome a broad array of real-world challenges.  Be it network equipment limitations or to fill a missing link in a client’s research and development project, mWAVE helps by delivering innovation at every level.  

These experienced engineers and scientists are specialists in the 100-MHz to 115-GHz frequencies and are routinely developing customized antenna solutions to meet a client’s specific needs.  Typical custom product designs range from a micro-strip array, panel antenna, horns, feeds (multi-band, conscan and monopulse), helices, sectors, omnidirectional antennas and waveguide arrays.  These highly specialized products range from OEM radio interfaces, ruggedize combat mobile devices, and severe environment antennas to airborne aerials, customized large earth station (satellite) feeds, and complete packaged antenna systems.  mWAVE recently delivered a challenging Dual-Circular Polarized – High Power Conical Horn Array Feed for L, S and C bands to a customer with exceptional results.

mWAVE’s custom engineering group maintains both a fully equipped indoor and outdoor antenna test ranges that are utilized to verify new antenna designs as well as for production verification and third-party testing for its customers.

mWAVE’s custom engineering team is your partner in finding solutions that meet and surpass your requirements.

For additional information and questions, contact mWAVE.

Alaris Antennas and mWAVE are part of the Alaris Holdings Group of Companies.


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