COJOT is proud to announce the first deliveries of Switched Beam Antennas

The first units of Switched Beam Antennas (SBAs) have been shipped to major players in the international Defence Industry – for use in different installation environments.

Switched Beam Antennas (SBA)

SBA is a directional antenna with digitally switchable antenna beam. The antenna beam can be directed 360 degrees horizontally and the beam width can be adjusted. The Switched Beam Antennas give optimal gain to the desired direction and provides rejection against interferences from other directions.

The SBA is suitable e.g. for complex node networks in tactical communications, providing crucial advantages like:

  • Improved coverage and LPI / LPD
  • Different beam modes (sharp, wide. omni)
  • Serves various clients or moving objects
  • Low installation cost and less complexity
  • Simple and field proven control protocol

Product example – SBA4450B 

  • 4400 – 5000 MHz frequency band
  • 15 dBi gain with 25 deg beam width
  • 11 dBi gain with 95 deg beam width
  • 8 dBi gain in omnidirectional mode
  • Fast digital beam switching
  • RS-485 based control

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