Wideband OMNI Directional, High Power Antennas

OMNI-A0046-01 Wideband Omni

The OMNI-A0046-01 is high-power wideband omni-directional antenna. The frequency range covered is 20 MHz to 500 MHz with a VSWR of less than 2.5:1 with the whips attached. The whips improve the performance in the 20 MHz to 50 MHz band. The antenna’s profile can be reduced by removing the tactical whips where required.


  • Wideband
  • Omni-directional azimuth pattern
  • High-power handling
  • Optimised distributed loading is used to prevent elevation radiation pattern break up
  • 1200 W CW Power handling capability


  • Spring loaded elements
  • Waterproof
  • Quick assembly


The OMNI-A0281 is a high-powered wideband omni-antenna designed for mounting on vehicles as well as masts. The wideband design provides it the capability to also be used for spectrum monitoring.


  • 300 to 3000 MHz frequency range
  • Rugged
  • Suited for vehicle and mast-mount applications
  • 500 W CW Power handling capability


  • High-power transmission
  • UHF monitoring

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