Privacy Policy

Alaris Antennas strives to adhere to the 8 conditions or principles of PoPIA (Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013) when processing Personal Information.

  • We aim to be accountable for the personal information that we are processing.
  • In accordance with the processing limitation principle, we process only the data needed for defined, justified purposes.
  • The information is collected for a specific purpose, which is properly defined and for legitimate reasons. It will not be kept for longer than is necessary.
  • In compliance with the further processing limitation, information is only processed for the initial purpose. We will interact with the data subjects (people to whom the data belongs) when we need to further process any data.
  • As information quality is important, we strive to keep information collected up-to-date, complete and accurate.
  • In compliance with the openness principle, we have an Employee privacy Notice, signed by all Employees, and our PAIA and POPIA Manual which is accessible to all.
  • We are continuously improving security safeguards and processes to ensure that information is not leaked (breach of confidentiality) or deleted/modified (breach of integrity). This includes firewalls, antivirus tools, strong passwords, safes, locked store store-rooms and cabinets, access control and more.
  • Data subject participation refers to people having access to their information, as well as being allowed to correct their information. People are informed of what information we have of theirs, what we are doing with it, and who we may share it with.

Cookie Policy

We only use cookies that are necessary for this site to function, including those that are necessary for Google Analytics to work. We do analyse the use of this website to measure the audience but it is de-identified data. In other words, we don’t know who you are.

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We pride ourselves in being part of systems that gathers ELINT information for tactical applications.

Our DF/Monitoring product range is widely used in communications intelligence gathering.

Our solutions for ESM assists in the provision of military intelligence via a range of electromagnetic surveillance and collection devices, giving decision-makers timely insights to use in their electronic protection, electronic attack, or other electronic warfare systems.

We have solutions for ECM applications that are designed to assist in the counter-measure of radar, sonar, and other detection systems.

We have a significant number of antennas that can be used for counter-UAS solutions. The products are designed for use in mobile, base station, and man-portable applications

Typically, these are used to prevent unauthorized communication from functioning, either by preventing communications entirely or by introducing spurious messages into the communications system.

Because of the extremely broad range of frequencies that are used to trigger RCIEDs, an effective wideband antenna system is essential to ensure the best possible protection.

HF radio is also useful for linking remote regions to the outside world while VHF/UHF radio is the perfect tool for field communications between numerous locations.

Ensuring secure communications in military applications is mission-critical. Secure communications protect both classified and unclassified traffic on military communications networks, including voice, video, and data.