DF-A0057 Outdoor Housing for DF Switches

This DF-A0057 waterproof box is designed for housing of our DF switch range.


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The DF-A0057 is a waterproof box designed for housing of our range of DF switches. It allows the switches DF-A0050, DF-A0052, DF-A0054, DF-A0058, DF-A0064 or DF-A0137, which are intended for indoor mounting, to be mounted to the DF-A0001, DF-A0007, DF-A0038, DF-A0062 or DF-A0136 antennas.

The DF switch has a mounting arrangement compatible with most Alaris mast-mount DF antennas. The TNC connections to the DF antenna are protected from the weather. The output N-type connectors, and power/data connectors, are also protected by a drip lip.

Standard control of the switch inside is by RS485. Ethernet and Fibre-Ethernet converter options are also available.

This product should be ordered together with the required RF switch, and will be supplied fully integrated and tested.

Active / Passive Active
Dimensions (m) 458 mm long281 mm wide 201 mm high
Mass (kg) 8.2
Size (m) 0.458
1. End Frequency (MHz) 6000
1. Start Frequency (MHz) 1

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