DF-A0098 Maritime Direction Finding Antenna

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The DF-A0098 maritime direction finding antenna covers a frequency range of 1 MHz to 3 GHz. The antenna is shipped in a compact storage and transport box. The full-size elements on all bands give excellent DF sensitivity.

Ultimate angular resolution for strong signals is well under 1o for most of the frequency range. Dipole elements provide good cross-polarisation rejection, and fair performance for signals arriving from up to 15o above or below the horizon.

This DF antenna is designed to be used with a 5-channel phase-sensitive receiver, and correlative algorithm. Calibration of the antenna can be performed on request. The upper face of the radome has been designed to accommodate for the implementation of additional system functionality on top of the antenna.


• Full-size DF

• Wideband DF

• 5-element interferometer


• Robust construction

• Waterproof

• Quick assembly

Active / Passive Active
Mass (kg) 80
Polarisation Vertical
Size (m) 2.6
1. End Frequency (MHz) 3000
2. End Frequency (MHz) 300
3. End Frequency (MHz) 1000
1. Start Frequency (MHz) 1
2. Start Frequency (MHz) 20
3. Start Frequency (MHz) 300

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