DF-A0114 HF Manpack/Mobile Watson Watt Antenna

The DF-A0114 is a Watson Watt antenna array that is suitable for on-the-march DF of signals from 1 to 88 MHz and above.


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The DF-A0114 is a mobile Watson Watt antenna array that is suitable for on-the-march / mobile DF of signals from 1 to 88 MHz and above*.

The antenna makes use of a patented stabilised loop antenna technology that supresses the effects of on-horizon cross polarisation which originally made loops less attractive for DF applications. The loop radiators provide many hundreds of times more sensitivity than the usual Adcock type designs and similar sized interferometer type arrangements, however, accuracy can be degraded for far off-horizon signals with cross-polar content. Integrated filters are provided to suppress strong emitters above 88 MHz.

The antenna is stowable by disconnecting the stalk and top whip attachments and stowing with the main antenna structure. The antenna is mounted via a quick-disconnect spring fitting to the manpack. Output from the antenna is provided by means of a multi-RF cable assembly using a MIL-DTL-38999 standard connector providing the three output RF signals on a single connector interface.

A version of the antenna can be provided with 3-to-2 commutation capability via an integrated RF switch system. This system also provides integrated electronic compass and GPS antenna. Power, control and data are via the same shared MIL-DTL-38999 connector.

Please note that a MOQ may apply.

Active / Passive Active
Dimensions (m) 1000mm Height above top of backpack170mm Diameter
Mass (kg) < 3
Polarisation Vertical
Size (m) 1
1. End Frequency (MHz) 88
1. Start Frequency (MHz) 1

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