DF-A0263 Maritime Direction Finding and Monitoring Antenna

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The DF-A0263 direction finding antenna covers a frequency range of 20 MHz to 6 GHz. A separate, but fully integrated active monitoring antenna gives high sensitivity omni-directional coverage on the same axis as the DF antenna, without interfering with the DF array.

The full-size elements on all bands give excellent DF sensitivity. Ultimate angular resolution for strong signals is well under 1o for most of the frequency range. Dipole elements provide good cross-polarisation rejection, and fair performance for signals arriving from up to 15o above or below the horizon.

The integrated monitoring antenna has two bands, mounted above the Band C & D DF antenna array housed in the radome. Each band of the monitoring array is amplified at the top of the cable, and passively combined to give continuous coverage over the frequency range 20 MHz to 6 GHz, with a single output connector.

This DF antenna is designed to be usable with either a 5- or 2-channel phase-sensitive receiver and correlative algorithm. Characterisation of the antenna can be performed on request.


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  • Full-size DF
  • Wideband DF
  • 5-element interferometer
  • Optimised for 2-channel receivers
  • High sensitivity omni antenna integrated
  • Rapid deploy/stow design with integrated dust caps


  • Designed for tower-mounting

1. Start Frequency (MHz) 20
1. End Frequency (MHz) 6000
2. Start Frequency (MHz) 300
2. End Frequency (MHz) 1000
3. Start Frequency (MHz) 100
3. End Frequency (MHz) 3000
Mounting Array
Active / Passive Active
Polarisation Vertical
Maximum VSWR 2:1
Size (m) 3.6

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