DFS-A0098-01 Rugged Wideband DF Antenna System with Band Switch

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The DFS-A0098-01, as system solution, includes the DF-A0098 DF Array, DF-A0226 Band Switch, and DF-A0183 Switch Enclosure.

The DF-A0098 is a large aperture, wideband, DF antenna and is mechanically and electrically hardened. The DF-A0098 is suitable for rugged applications such as applicable to Naval surface vessels.

The DF-A0098 offers a unique customisable landing platform to allow 3rd party sensors to be stacked co-linearly on top of the DF stack. The DF-A0098 central mast allows for a cable feedthrough system, contained within the central mast to allow 3rd party cable runs, to and from 3rd party sensors.

The DF-A0226 functions as a band switch, designed to complement the capabilities of the DF-A0098 and is installed in the DF-A0183 switch housing.

Amongst others, the DF-A0226 offers appropriate DF channel gain functionality suitable for cable runs applicable to Naval surface vessels platforms.

The DF-A0226 also offers DF chain calibration functionality by means of external signal injection or via dedicated wideband noise source, as located inside the DF-A0226.

The DF-A0183 switch housing interfaces mechanically to the side of the DF-A0098 central mast, allowing for a secure and watertight electrical and mechanical interface between array and band switch device.

Two dedicated, monitoring antennas could compliment the DFS-A0098-01, should the platform require dedicated stand-off monitoring functionality, with additional 3rd party sensor functionality.

One dedicated monitoring sensor could be placed port side and the second starboard side.

For this purpose, Alaris Antennas offers the OMNI-A0205-01 as dedicated monitoring antenna solution.



Below documents reference individual components within the DFS-A0098-01 solution or components, which would complement the DFS-A0098-01 solution:

DF-A0098 Brochure

DF-A0226 Brochure

OMNI-A0205-01 Brochure


Active / Passive Passive
1. End Frequency (MHz) 3000
1. Start Frequency (MHz) 1

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