MONO-A0089 HF Monitoring Whip

The MONO-A0089 is an HF whip designed for monitoring applications in the 9 kHz ? 200 MHz frequency band.


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The MONO-A0089 is an HF monitoring whip designed for monitoring applications in the 9 kHz to 200 MHz frequency band.

The whip is loaded along its length to control the elevation pattern of the antenna for optimal gain performance on the horizon. The whip is detachable for storage and transport.

The MONO-A0089 antenna is well suited for the DF-A0029 and DF-A0095 antennas, where it is utilised to improve monitoring sensitivity. Every DF-A0029 and DF-A0095 is already fitted with the necessary internal cables and connectors; this whip antenna is simply connected and bolted on in place of the lifting eye plate.

Active / Passive Passive
Mass (kg) 0.3
Size (m) 0.7
1. End Frequency (MHz) 199
1. Start Frequency (MHz) 0.009
Power Handling (Text)(This field will be display if “Power Handling” is blank) 0.5 W (Receive Only)

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