OMNI-A0046-01 Wideband Omni-Directional Antenna

The OMNI-A0046 is the upgraded version of the well-known PA-OMNI-20500B  omni-directional high power transmit antenna.

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The OMNI-A0046-01 is an upgraded version of the well-known PA-OMNI-20500B high-power wideband omni-directional antenna.

The frequency range covered is 20 MHz to 500 MHz with a VSWR of less than 2.5:1 with the whips attached. The whips improve the performance in the 20 MHz to 50 MHz band. The antenna is designed for high power transmit applications.

The antenna’s profile can be reduced by removing the tactical whips where required.

Active / Passive Passive
Dimensions (m) 2454 mm high1790 mm diameter
Mass (kg) 18
Maximum VSWR < 2.5:1
Polarisation Vertical
Power Handling (W) 1200
Size (m) 2.45
1. End Frequency (MHz) 500
1. Start Frequency (MHz) 20

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