SYST-A0010 Monitoring System with Azimuth Positioner


The SYST-A0010 consists of two wideband dual polarised LPDAs on a structure.

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The SYST-A0010 monitoring system consists of :

  • Two wideband dual polarised LPDAs on a structure
  • High gain dish antenna
  • Azimuth positioner used for positioning and scanning all angles
  • Internal rotary joint for 360° coverage
  • Low-loss internal cables
  • Combining VP and HP LPDA outputs with low loss combiner for improved directionality.
  • Local or Remote interface to Azimuth positioner via Graphical User Interface.

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Active / Passive Active
Dimensions (m) 5000 m Height of Stack2000 m Turning Radius
Gain (dBi) 6 (LPDA-A0108) 25.5 - 34.7 (Dish)
Mass (kg) 230
Maximum VSWR < 2.5:1 (LPDA-A0108) < 2.3:1 (Dish)
Polarisation Dual linear (VP & HP)
Size (m) < 5
1. End Frequency (MHz) 8000
1. Start Frequency (MHz) 100
Power Handling (Text)(This field will be display if “Power Handling” is blank) Receive Only

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