YAGI-A0027 High Gain Yagi Antenna

The YAGI-A0027 is a high power, high gain, linearly polarised Yagi antenna that operates in the 400 to 450 MHz frequency range.


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The YAGI-A0027 is a high power, linearly polarised, high gain Yagi antenna that operates in the 400 to 450 MHz frequency range.

The design of this Yagi antenna allows the elements and boom to be automatically deployed with the use of a release clip. The antenna has high gain as well as low VSWR and high power handling capability.

RF interface to the antenna is via an N-type female RF connector provided adjacent to the mast mounting bracket of the antenna.

The antenna applications include long-range communications and wireless data access.

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Active / Passive Passive
Gain (dBi) 11 typical
Mass (kg) < 2
Maximum VSWR < 2.0:1
Polarisation Linear (Horizontal)
Size (m) 1.2
1. End Frequency (MHz) 450
1. Start Frequency (MHz) 400
Power Handling (Text)(This field will be display if “Power Handling” is blank) 800 W CW (YAGI-A0027) 100 W CW (YAGI-A0027-01)
YouTube Link https://youtu.be/s9J5iJHDxkA

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